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12/12 THE MEN + Adolf Butler + Sex Drive

THE MEN + Adolf Butler + Sex Drive Enige NL show!

Adolf Butler – Holland LP

These anti-social bastards show us where the late Black Flag stopped with their ambitious sounds and combine it with other filthy 80’s stuff.

Adolf Butler / Rocco’s‎– Africa / Cock On The Loose 12″ Jessica 93 / Mistress Bomb H‎– Salle De Shoot 12″ Pord‎– It’s Always Sunny Here 12″ Antemasque‎– Antemasque Boris With Michio Kurihara‎– Cloud Chamber Car Bomb – w^w^^w^w Catacombe – Kinetic Code Orange – I am King Every Time I Die – From Parts … Continue reading

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

I would like to do the Adolf Butler release. About Dirge, just delete it I guess. I don’t see the point of copying it from asice.

Reply To: Hardcore in non-hardcore places

Loved him in Inception, The Prestige, Now You See Me (I did like that movie) etc, but come one, being Batman’s butler is more awesome than all of that combined. There’s Batman… and a butler. And that’s him. He gets to walk around in the batcave. Awesomeness.

Reply To: Books

I’ve finisged reading Hitler’s First War by Thomas Weber. This is the first book that unveils Hitler’s experience in World War 1 and also follows some of his comrades in arms. Very interesting. Perhaps no individual in modern history has received more intensive study than Adolf Hitler. His many biographers have provided countless conflicting interpretations … Continue reading Reply To: Books