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Iron Curtain 7″

Ten minutes of pissed off hardcore with fast bits that sounds somewhere between Floorpunch and Righteous Jams.

BATTERY – reunion @ irving plaza-revelation records 25 yr anniversary 10-13-2012

[img][/img] 01-in our hands 02-has been 03-what i’d give 04-these are the days 05-brand new place 06-that’ll never be me 07-go back to the gym 08-do you believe? 09-never forget 10-until the end 11-young ’til i die (7 SECONDS) or play/dl here: (player cuts of the end of tracks but when downloading the zip … Continue reading BATTERY – reunion @ irving plaza-revelation records 25 yr anniversary 10-13-2012

21-04 | Dawn Of Anger (reunion), Human Demise, Cold Reality +1

zaterdag 21 april 2012 Doors: 19:00u Start: 19.30u Dawn Of Anger (reunion!) Human Demise Acid Deathtrip Cold Reality (first show, ex Make Them Suffer) OJC Walhalla De Donckstraat 24-26 5975 SG Sevenum Tel: 077-4672042


Callum talks to vocalist Nick about their new material, the source of rage behind hardcore kids, and Nazi’s.


Probably one the most well known Russian hardcore bands at the moment about life, hardcore and bears in the streets.

Iron To Gold post new song

Warsaw’s Iron To Gold have posted a new song from the soon to be released new EP ‘In The Zone’.

Unbroken European tour winter ’94-’95

Unbroken toured Europe for the first time during the winter of ’94-’95. It was cold and all members of the band got ill. What impact did they made on the European hardcore kids around. They share their story here.

Reply To: ex-USSR hardcore/punk scene

[b]STILL [/b] Facebook: Bandcamp: Another band from Odessa city. They are sharing members with Aspire and Set Adrift (post about them soon). They are playing kinda of 90s youth-crew bands like Battery, Mouthpiece, Judge, Youth of Today etc. Vegan Straight Edge lyricks. Singing on russian as well. Discorgraphy: 2009 – New begining [img][/img] … Continue reading Reply To: ex-USSR hardcore/punk scene