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BEG TO DIFFER recorded an e.p.

Beg To Differ recorded an e.p. that we’ve put on bandcamp. We are working on a 7″ release but wanted to let everybody hear our songs. If you’re into Sheer Terror, Breakdown and Blood For Blood, maybe you’ll like us. Thanks for listening! [img][/img]

Reply To: New hardcore bands

BackBreaker Brabant Hardcore Kut! Kill Your Idols meets a really pissed off punk band trying to play more modern hardcore. Their singer choked me with his mic chord at a show, but he did it (and I quote) “because he wanted to be close to me for a second”. All in all, he’s a nice … Continue reading Reply To: New hardcore bands

Huata / Bitcho – Split LP

Huata and Bitcho came from outer space to deliver us doom! In audio form, so we should be able to cope…

CDs for sale

CDs for sale 3cds for 9euro 8 voor 20euro Excluding shippingcost Email me: roelandvangorp AT gmail DOT com 10 Seconds Down – just swallow 324 – rebelgrind 454 Big Block – your jesus (boekje waterschade) A Day In Black & White / Black Castle – split (gevouwen inlay) Abc Diabolo – last intoxication of senses … Continue reading CDs for sale

Burning Bright – Domesday LP

Tragedy and From Ashes Rise references galore. Must be crust! And that is exactly what Burning Bright delivers on their debut LP.

The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones is a fairly new band from the USA. After releasing a demo on Born Ill, they’ve just released a 7″ on 6131 Records.


Crawlspace just released a brand new album called “Carved into flesh”. Reason enough for Dennis to meet up with Jurgen (guitar) and Def (bass).


Robert Hurula on going solo and artistic expression in all forms.

Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:27 am Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post >>>[New Records] Just arrived at Straight & Alert HQ: [LP] Bl’ast! – The Expression Of Power [3ple LP] Bloodlet – Eclectic Cause For Alarm – Beneath The Wheel Chuck Ragan – Till Midnight Dag Nasty – … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro