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Reply To: New Blacklisted EP up for Pre-Orders

[b]NEWS 9-22-2012[/b] Please note – I am about to leave for tour until October 23rd. All orders placed between now and then will not ship until I get home. I also will not be answering emails about orders so don’t email me. PREORDERS ————————————————————————————————————- [b]SFU074 – BLACKLISTED – Live On BBC 1 7″[/b] [img][/img] In … Continue reading Reply To: New Blacklisted EP up for Pre-Orders

Reply To: New Blacklisted EP up for Pre-Orders

[quote=Pim]Can’t wait to hear those new songs. The more Nirvana influences the better ;)[/quote] Agreed. I like old Blacklisted but new Blacklisted is definitely very interesting, can’t wait to hear what this one sounds like.

Blacklisted is done again?

Can somebody please tell me I’m reading this wrong… It’s not exactly said in the interview, but between the lines it seems pretty clear (and it’s not a surprise either)?


BACKYARD SALE 2013 Everything listed here is used but in overall pretty good condition. Can provide more detailed pictures if needed. Not looking for stupid amounts of money, so if interested, get in touch: derrico.rm [at] WORLDWIDE SHIPPING / PAYPAL PAYMENTS ONLY BLACKLISTED – MEDIUM WHITE/GREY print on BLACK longsleeve shirt [img][/img] BONES BRIGADE … Continue reading F/S: BLACKLISTED/COLDWORLD/GUNSUP/IRONAGE/H2O/TERROR

Reply To: Blacklisted is done again?

As he’s saying “not being in a band is strange” I’d think either Blacklisted quit or he stopped. Whatever it is, it’s a shame! I enjoyed the new routes they were exploring lately.

Reply To: Blacklisted is done again?

That plus this: [quote]Blacklisted with Me, Shawn, Bean and Sausage is a totally different animal. That was a connection between 4 people that I will never have again. [/quote]