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Strife – Witness a Rebirth

‘Oh god, that negative guy that doesn’t even really like hardcore anymore is talking about how jaded and over it he is again.’

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Alright, here’s what’s new. It’s a lot and there’s a couple of real gems hidden in this pile, so take your pick! • Up River – undertow – FFO: More Than Life, Defeater, Goodtime Boys, Touche Amore…. (digital) • BLISTERED “SOUL EROSION” EP – FOR FANS OF: Disembodied, Incendiary, Morning Again (digital) • … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

LTL Rad Summer 2012 compilation

Rad Summer 2012 is a compilation that drops next month on Life to Live Records. It will be available digitally as well as a limited tape.

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>>>[Preorders] Some of the records we will receive soon are available for preorder here LP Breakdown – Runnin’ Scared Up Front – Spirit Integrity – Den Of Inquity [2ble LP] Battery – Whatever It Takes Shook Ones – Facetious Folly Feat Black Flag – What The… Blistered – Soul Erosion OFF! – Wasted Years … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

a new day, a new part of our mail box. There’s some quality stuff here, folks. If I only had the time to review some of these releases… So don’t hesitate and make jealous by reviewing some of this: Crutches – ForlorAD – D-beat – – digital Subordinate – Respect existence or expect resistance … Continue reading