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Blood Days

Dennis had a chat with Joe D Foster about his latest band: Blood Days.

Reply To: Blood For Blood

Blood for Blood, all their stuff is good (except for that last e.p., serenity i think? Did not like that that much) but Living In Exile and Outlaw Anthems are my personal favs. How cool was that show in Hilversum (if i’m correct) in 1997?

Blood For Blood

I was looking for a Blood For Blood topic here, but couldnt find any so here we go. What do you think is their fave record ? Mine is without a doubt Outlaw Anthems.

Reply To: Blood For Blood

B4B kicked Buddha out of the band. Check the official statement here:

Bane – Give Blood

Triple B did a great job rereleasing this ‘classic’ Bane record with an altered cover and including a thick booklet.

Doomriders – Grand Blood

Time will tell if Grand Blood, Doomriders third album, is as good as it’s predecessor. In the mean time: play it again!

Looking for Blood Red photos

I’m desperately seeking Blood Red live photos. People might not too familiar with them. They were a dutch band who existed only a short period in 2004, played ten shows and then quite. Voice Of A Generation did an interview with Blood Red recently which will be in the fourth issue of the fanzine. In … Continue reading Looking for Blood Red photos

Blood of Kings, Blazkowicz & Magnacult

Blood of Kings, Blazkowicz, Magnacult and many more @ 30 Maart Prilpop 2013 – Blazkowicz – Blood of Kings – Magnacult More info:

Ill Blood – Hardcore fanzine issue #1

While I do prefer longer and more in-depth interviews myself most of the time, sometimes you just want a short ‘snack’ and this zine is perfect for that.

SKATE & DESTROY – vol 1 / Despise You / Blind To Faith / Blood I Bleed + 3

[b]SKATE & DESTROY – vol 1[/b] June 5th, 2015 @ Hall Of Fame, Tilburg (NL) Doomstar Bookings and Hall Of Fame are proud to present Skate & Destroy vol. 1, taking place June 5th in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This newly erected festival is all about fastcore, power violence, hardcore and grindcore, the fastest and … Continue reading SKATE & DESTROY – vol 1 / Despise You / Blind To Faith / Blood I Bleed + 3