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Boy Sets Fire contact info

Boy Sets Fire are playing in Belgium and I want to interview them. I contacted the organisation and they said “no problem, however press is only allowed with permission of the band”. But how do I contact BSF? Their website ain’t what it used to be. Can’t find an e-mail or anthing. Checked they’re MySpace, … Continue reading Boy Sets Fire contact info

Reply To: Short sets trend

As I said David, I have no prob with bands like CracksITW playing 15 minute sets. But for a band that writes 3 minute songs, I find it quite strange. I’m talking about Belgian band Redemption Denied, but I guess this time they left out the speeches that were mentioned in the interview Rold id … Continue reading Reply To: Short sets trend

Short sets trend

Is it just me, or are live sets by hc bands getting shorter and shorter these days? Last night I saw a headlining band of some name step off stage after playing a whopping 12 minutes. They drove two hours apparently to get to the show and expected to get payed good money for their … Continue reading Short sets trend

Reply To: Short sets trend

Hc bands have been doing 20 min sets as long as i’m going to shows. It’s a normal set length. I do think NTB play 30 mins minimum. Quality or Quantity.

Reply To: Short sets trend

You can ask, but to tell/demand a band play a certain amount of time is just weird. I think a lot of bands play short sets for a reason, not because they don’t have enough material.



Reply To: Short sets trend

I agree. And play some covers if you don’t have enough songs. I might add though that at the end of a tour you’re often quite tired, especially if you didn’t had a very healthy lifestyle and slept on a lot of floors 🙂

Ex-Dead Stop, No Turning Back & A Step Apart DJ SETS

This saturday in Utrecht, Kris Coorde (DS), me, Don Gio (NTB) and his buddy DJ damnRIJT will be playing some raw and intense funk/soul records for everyone who is interested. It’s gonna be a hot night in december. Rough and underground. Come early, it’s a small place. HOT SAUCE. [img][/img]