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Ronald Boorsma

A lengthy talk with the man behind Not Just Words Records about politics, education, fireworks, hardcore. About life.

Emile Mutsaers

An in-depth talk with Emile Mutsaers, about his band State Of Mind, him being a teacher, changes in the world and lots more.

Defeater announces European tour

Three week-long tour in June and July in Europe with All Teeth in tow, and Code Orange Kids, Polar and The Tidal Sleep on select dates.

Patrick Kitzel

Spawn, Repel fanzine & records, True Blue, Reaper Records. These names should ring a bell. They’re all linked to one person, Patrick Kitzel.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

and new stuff to go! Take your pick if you see/hear something you like: • Nona – Through the Head – FFO The Lemonheads, Veruca Salt, and Dookie era Green Day – (digital) • Mexican Slang – Inside The Velvet Castle – Helium and “Babes in Toyland meets Ty Segall” – (digital) • … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?