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DIY Hardcore Punk Fest vol.8 – Gdynia, PL, 13-14 July 2012

[b]DIY Hardcore Punk Fest Vol. 8 13-14 July 2012 Gdynia, Poland[/b] ———————————– [b]Friday, 13 July:[/b] ———————————– [b]TZN XENNA[/b] (PL) [b]AGNOSY[/b] (UK) /ex-Beginning Of The End, Health Hazard, Doom, Give Up All Hope/ [b]LAST LEGION ALIVE[/b] (Belgium)…012477?sk=info [b]NERVÖUS[/b] (Germany) [b]INKWIZYCJA[/b] (PL)…856152?sk=info [b]INFEKCJA[/b] (PL) [b]LIFE SCARS[/b] (PL) … Continue reading DIY Hardcore Punk Fest vol.8 – Gdynia, PL, 13-14 July 2012

DIY Conspiracy Webzine

Hey everyone, I’m also trying to do a hardcore/punk webzine that will be updated on a regular basis with tons of interviews, reviews and columns. There are tons of reviews and other stuff that will be published in the next few weeks. All the interviews you’ll find right now is old stuff from my zine … Continue reading DIY Conspiracy Webzine


Check Out this DIY Punk/Hardcore band! Just recorded new album “Held Captive”

The Assange 2 DIY Demo songs uploaded

As the title says, we uploaded 2 DIY demo songs to a bandcamp page. Check them out and if you can be of any help in getting us a show, get in touch!

Bigger Half – DIY Punky Reggae/DUB – LP PROMOMIX

Hi guys! We are called Bigger Half (DIY Punky Reggae/DUB). We come from Nowy Sacz – POLAND. We have just finished producing our second album. You can listen to the promo mix on: Looking forward to your feedback. Cheers 😉 (FB Page:

Check out my DIY Hardcore/Punk Band, "Missed Chance"

Hey everyone, my friends and I have been creating some DIY Hardcore/Punk music in our free time. If you’d like please take 2 minutes to check out our song that we recorded on a phone in our storage unit. More music within the next month or so. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Thanks!!!

Help me with my DIY tour

so me and my band the fygs, are going on tour next summer, summer of 2016, we are trying to save up money and where going around the country and we are going with two other bands Rat trap and capital waste land….. were gonna get a bus and me wyatt newton and the singer … Continue reading Help me with my DIY tour