7"FS : Alert, Backtrack, Risky Business, Deal With It…

[b][url]http://www.straightandalert.com[/url][/b] [b]A bunch of second hand records for sale on Straight & Alert:[/b] [url]http://www.straightandalert.com/27-second-hand-rare[/url] [i]Because of the limited number of each record available, it’s first-come first-served. Orders on [b][url]http://www.straightandalert.com[/url][/b] take precedence over reservations by email at order@straightandalert.com.[/i] [u][b]7″[/b][/u] Alert – Demo ’08 / (black / 200) LIFE TO LIVE Alert – Demo ’08 / (clear … Continue reading 7"FS : Alert, Backtrack, Risky Business, Deal With It…

Scandinavian new breed

An interview with the Scandinavian new breed of hardcore. Guilty from Sweden and Upright & Foreseen from Finland.

2011 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2011 people. Before we’re entering 2012 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists.

THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER "Weather The World" pre-orders online

[b]THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER[/b]’s “[i]WEATHER THE WORLD[/i]” pre-order packages [b]ONLINE[/b] now! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igZiiBUrc6s[/youtube] With their new album “[i]Weather The World[/i]” [b]THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER[/b] is all out for a win. Produced, recorded and mixed by upcoming top-producer [i]Aljoscha Sieg[/i] at [i]Pitchback Studios[/i] (Nasty, Vitja, etc.) and mastered by [i]Brian Hood[/i] at [i]456 Recordings[/i] (Gideon, A Plea for Purging, … Continue reading THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER "Weather The World" pre-orders online

Flood Floorshow w/ The Tidal Sleep (DE) + We Had A Deal (DE) + Atlas (BE)

Flood Floorshow 31st of May – JH Zenith The Tidal Sleep (DE – www.facebook.com/thetidalsleep) We Had A Deal (DE – www.facebook.com/pages/We-Had-A-Deal/190979457675) Atlas (BE – www.facebook.com/atlasbe) JH Zenith, Otterstraat 58, 9200 Dendermonde Price: €5 (Incl 1 FREE DRINK!) DOORS: 19h00 ENDS: around 22h00

Reply To: Useless Distribution

NEWS november 23rd www.useless-distribution.com Emergence Records: Grand Predateur “s/t” 10″ Scold for Wandering / Stellardrive LP Alaska Pipeline “Master of puppets” LP Alceste / Hive Destruction LP Heliport “Desarroi esthétique” LP Hiro / Who Needs Maps LP Tekken / Die Holle 7″ Youth avoiders / Zombie are pissed 7″ Horroshow Destruction “Remains of the night” … Continue reading Reply To: Useless Distribution


How do you handle Crohn’s disease while being in a punk band?

No Turning Back

No Turning Back exists for 15 years. Martijn looks back on world tours, the argument with MAD and tells us what’s in store for 2012.

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Best album Design the Skyline – Nevaeh Best song Robyn – Dancing on my Own (this was last year, fight me) Best shows Deal With It – Kankerdam Best 7 inch/EP Deal With It – My Body is a Cage Best demotape Deal With It didn’t do a demo this year Best movie Drive or … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists