Death alley, Stealers, Deadbeats

World Skate Center presents: Death Alley + Stealers + DeadbeatsDEATH ALLEY DEATH ALLEY *Protopunk with a hint of psychedelics Behold DEATH ALLEY. The New Wave of Dutch Loudness gave birth to not just another band. No, thriving on the sharp edges of Motörhead’s rock and roll, soaked in MC5-fuelled protopunk and forged with Sabbath’s edginess, … Continue reading Death alley, Stealers, Deadbeats

2011 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2011 people. Before we’re entering 2012 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists.

Cheating Death #1 & #2

There’s a reason why I hate to write reviews and stuff like these Cheating Death zines are a good example.


[b]THE FIFTH ALLIANCE[/b] has a new album out called [b]DEATH POEMS[/b], which is out on CD/TAPE and vinyl pre-orders running now! Death Poems can be downloaded and streamed entirely on [url][/url]. [img][/img] Death Poems has been recorded and mixed by Lander Cluyse at Hearse Studio, Belgium and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland. CVLT … Continue reading THE FIFTH ALLIANCE – DEATH POEMS CD/TAPE/VINYL out now!

Reply To: This Is Europe Fest II

Vorig jaar mega goed vermaakt. Dit jaar mis ik wel een band als Death Is Not Glamorous, maar tickets zijn in de pocket. (Last year I had a blast. Missing a band like Death Is Not Glamorous this year, but already picked up tickets)

Reply To: Yearlists

here’s mine: [u][b]EP[/b][/u] Give – [url=]everything they put out this year[/url] Mouth of Flowers – [url=]Emma Town 7″[/url] ( Remission – [url=]Winds of Promise 7″ [/url] Remission / Police & Thieves [url=]split 7″[/url] Praise – [url=]Two songs[/url] Rearranged – [url=]Rearranged 7”[/url] Supertouch – [url=]Lost My Way 7″[/url] [u][b]LP[/b][/u] Anchor – [url=]Recovery LP [/url] Between Earth … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists

Painted Wolves

Pim had a chat with Mattias about dividing his time between his other bands, the band’s standards, the European tour, future plans and more…