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Reply To: Restless Youth appreciation

Nice, the second topic about Restless Youth 🙂 I opened one too some time ago: Anyway, you guys are saying you don’t like the final LP and I’ve heard that quite a lot, but that’s probably my favorite Restless Youth release (here’s my review: I like it when bands do just what they … Continue reading Reply To: Restless Youth appreciation

Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)

I decided to try and sell my t-shirts, as I could definitely use the space and money. It’s mostly hardcore. Some bootlegs, some low-value shirts, but also some (hopefully) highly sought after OGs (Chain, INSTED, GB, TFS). I’ll box whatever I don’t sell from September 2, so please email me your offers before then (cescowillemse/gmail). … Continue reading Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

[b]Anyway, new stuff:[/b] – DARWIN & THE DINOSAUR – “Remus” EP (Flix Records) – pop punk emo – digital copy – LIFE IN VACUUM – LP – – digital copy – TRADITIONS – “Cycles” EP – – (Take This To Heart Records) – WITH INCREASE “Death Is Inevitable” (FFO Turmoil, Focal Point, Killing … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?


[img][/img] [b]SURPRISE 040 | AUTISTIC YOUTH – NONAGE LP[/b] [i]Reigning from the burbs of Portland in late 2003, Autistic Youth has spent the past 10 years touring and releasing records in North America and Europe. After almost three years since their last full length record, Autistic Youth is releasing their junior LP. Drawing from both … Continue reading AUTISTIC YOUTH – NONAGE LP out now!

Back from an exiting trip to find a full inbox. After filtering the worst bullshit out, this is what’s left. Take your pick! El Mirage – Catalyst – post hardcore – – digital Oblivious – Out of wilderness – heavy rock – – digital Employed to serve – Greyer than you remember – … Continue reading

Break Away – For Life

While heavily influenced by youth crew pioneers like Floorpunch and Youth of Today, the band is definitely able to do justice to this style of hardcore without just recycling songs from their influences.

Youth Crew 2009 question

Can someone please help me out with this: Youth Crew 2009 on Upside Down Records: Black wax /300 Orange/100 [url][/url] I thought this plus a testing was the whole story but I recently found out about another colour and I bought it via David from Outlast: Rootbeer transition /20(?) So far the easy part. I’m … Continue reading Youth Crew 2009 question