Sex Drive

One of the most notorious Dutch vocalists talks about his new band and looks back on past projects.

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Let’s revive this old AsIce topic… Mine: Striving Higher – …At Caelum Certe Patet (2002) mcd Downslide – Demo (2003) tape Downslide – Nowhere to Hide (2004) 7″/mcd V/A – Idiot Box #1 (2004) dvd – w/ 4 Downslide live videos V/A – NRG-80 (2004) lp – w/ 1 Striving Higher song Striving Higher – … Continue reading Post your own discography

Emiel Laurant

Emiel played the guitar in Reaching Forward, Downslide, Razor Crusade and No Turning Back amongst others.

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10″ arctic monkey’s – who the fuck are arctic monkeys? (black / domino) – €10,- hellchild – medley (covers / black / howling bull) – €10,- 12” 16 – bridges to burn (purple / relapse) – €20,- an acre lost / promise no tomorrow – split (black / ohev) – €25,- arctic monkeys – unreleased … Continue reading For sale: Records

Soul Power

Soul Power, a fairly new groovy metallic hardcore band from the Netherlands.

Sex Drive – Urban Predator

It’s great to see that people still care enough about hardcore to start up a new band and write some fist pumping tracks even when some of them have been around the block for a long time.

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Awesome Rold, wasn’t talking about you (or anyone in specific actually) by the way 🙂 And yes Strip The Threads, totally forgot about that. Did Daan play drums for Rise And Fall? For real? I can’t remember that? Or was that only as a temporary replacement or something? Did we just forget Downslide / Daanslide … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

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