10/5 SLOW END FEST 2014 @ DYNAMO, Eindhoven, NL w/ Dropdead, Riistetyt a.o.

We are happy to announce the full line-up for the 2014 edition of Slow End Fest. Tickets will go on sale on friday February 14th. Stay tuned! DROPDEAD (usa) RISSTETYT (fi) MAN LIFTING BANNER (nl) RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA (at) LA FRACTION (fr) SOTATILA (fi) AGENT ATTITUDE (se) IMAGINARY DICTONARY (be) DAMAGED HEAD (se) TENSE REACTION (nl) … Continue reading 10/5 SLOW END FEST 2014 @ DYNAMO, Eindhoven, NL w/ Dropdead, Riistetyt a.o.

Integrity – ICOS Kasner cover on smoke vinyl Integrity – ICOS Dark Empire Recs on white vinyl Deadly Sins 7″ boxset DropDead – St lp DropDead – discography lp on milky white vinyl /116 Incoming Crows CS Brutality Will Prevail CS Witch Cult Drainland CS Witch Cult Full Of Hell CS

Shirts for sale (grind, hardcore, metallica)

A lot of shirts for sale. If you are interested, contact me at collision@online.nl Star Wars XL € 8,- [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen01.jpg[/img] The Gathering – Mandylion € 8,- [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen02.jpg[/img] Assück – Misery Index € 8,- [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen03.jpg[/img] Metallica – Doris € 9,- [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen04.jpg[/img] Metallica – Damage Inc. € 9,- [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen05.jpg[/img] [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen06.jpg[/img] Mastodon – Leviathan € 7,- [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen07.jpg[/img] [img]http://wagemansgrafisch.nl/klanten/marktplaats/shirtverkopen08.jpg[/img] … Continue reading Shirts for sale (grind, hardcore, metallica)

Plagues – s/t

I have no complaints about Plagues and neither should anyone who likes Ceremony, Trash Talk as well as older powerviolence stuff like Charles Bronson and Dropdead.

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desperat: demokrati eller diktatur double negative: hardcore confusion converge/dropdead split high hopes: hang in there,kid no faith: no faith poison planet: bleed for me poison planet: boycot everything sacred love: dividing lines toxic holocaust: conjure and command vaccine: crime in blood vaccine: human hatred waste management: power abuse weekend nachos: two things at on

For sale: CD's & DVD's

DVD’s (€ 8 per item. 2 DVD’s: € 14) Ramones – Raw Reaching Forward – The Final Show CD’s (€4 per item. 4 or more items: €3 per item) Eastpak Resistance Tour Compilation 2004 (2 €) The Acacia Strain – 3750 Battery – Whatever it Takes Battery – Until The End Breakdown – Battle Hymns … Continue reading For sale: CD's & DVD's

Calvaiire – Rigorisme 7″ All Out War – Hymns of the Apocalypse 7″ Converge/Dropdead – split 7″


MyManMike share the story behind the band name and album title.

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desperat: demokrati eller diktatur? converge/dropdead: split downfall of gaia: epos jason isbell and the 400 unit: here we res robert long: achter de horizon thou/moloch: split thou/salome: split thou: summit downfall of gaia: demo downfall of gaia/ in the hearts of emperors: split