Has the edge gone dull? It seems like in the Netherlands it has, but luckily there’s hope. Time to introduce Echoes, a new ‘all-star’ band.

26-5 | CAUGHT IN A CROWD | ECHOES | FEVER @ Innocent

Innocent presents another Idiotic Monday with: [img][/img] [i]Flyer by:[/i] CAUGHT IN A CROWD (usa) [i]-Heavy Youth Crew from Massachusets-[/i] ECHOES (nl) [i]-Mid nineties influenced hardcore-[/i] FEVER (nl) [i]-Great new band, think American Nightmare, Panic, Suicide File-[/i] Date: 26-05-2014 Doors: 19:30 Damage: 6 euro Innocent Deldenerstraat 25 7551AA Hengelo … Continue reading 26-5 | CAUGHT IN A CROWD | ECHOES | FEVER @ Innocent

Unbroken European tour winter ’94-’95

Unbroken toured Europe for the first time during the winter of ’94-’95. It was cold and all members of the band got ill. What impact did they made on the European hardcore kids around. They share their story here.

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Alright, here’s what’s new. It’s a lot and there’s a couple of real gems hidden in this pile, so take your pick! • Up River – undertow – FFO: More Than Life, Defeater, Goodtime Boys, Touche Amore…. (digital) • BLISTERED “SOUL EROSION” EP – FOR FANS OF: Disembodied, Incendiary, Morning Again (digital) • … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Maniyax Records News

Hey guys, MANIYAX RECORDS is a small mailorder and label for many genres like doom, postrock, hardcore, sludge, crust and much more from Münster, Germany. Please take a look! Cheers, Fabian New/Restock: BLOODY PHOENIX – Ode To Death LP [10 €] EAST OF THE WALL – Ressentiment 2xLP [18 €] FALL OF EFRAFA – Elil … Continue reading Maniyax Records News

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[quote=dirtyrottenimbecile][quote=Rob In A Crowd]Ik mis een goede youthxcrew band in nederland op het moment. [/quote] Xbirds of a featherX is still around or did i miss something????[/quote] Birds Of A Feather broke up almost 2 years ago. Some of its members are now in Echoes.

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Featuring bands like Echoes, Stay Hungry, Get It Done, Police And Thieves, No Turning Back and many others.

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I sing in a sludge metal band called Starve ( and in a hardcore band called Echoes (