Meet the SWNK crew: Jonas

Now and then we put a message out that we’re looking for contributers. This guy, Jonas, from Sweden answered our call. Time to meet The Invisible Guy.

In defence of E-chug

Sit down kids, while DOGHEAD (Mike) tells you about the wonderful world of e-chug.

Nirvana were punkrock

While Nirvana had plenty of punk songs, attitude wise they were definitely more punkrock than your average punk / hardcore band.

LEMURIA South East Asia Tour 2014

I sipped my wine through a plastic bag as people pass by during the show that I went to a few months ago. This is how we drink traditional wine in Jakarta.

Midnight Souls

Rold had a chat with Donny of Midnight Souls, about how GTTM saw the light of day, about being a teacher and getting older.

In The Cage – Witness The Rise

In The Cage tries to show some Vienna Style muscle, but gets lost in a cocktail of their own influences, forgetting to give their own sound to their debut.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

New stuff ready to go: – Songs For Snakes – “Imagine Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of green tea with Simon and Garfunkel.” – – digital copy – MINE (new band featuring ex and current members of Hang The Bastard, Centurions Ghost and A Long Time Dead. Signed to Holy Roar. … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Flophouse Records – NEW HC PUNK DEMOS!

[img][/img] Hi everyone. I’m posting about various demo tapes that I’m helping get out to the people. Everything is available from [url][/url]. Here is what I’ve got: ——— [b]#7 – PUBLIC SUICIDE – Demo[/b] [img][/img] Listen: Public Suicide is the judge, jury and execution of young DC hardcore warrior Robin Zeijlon. These five hateful, … Continue reading Flophouse Records – NEW HC PUNK DEMOS!

Barren Hope – Anaffa

Israeli band Barren Hope demonstrates being a class A hardcore band that is also versatile and diverse in what they put out. As long as it’s grim that is…

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

New stuff ready to go: – MISS VINCENT – “Creepy” EP – “sombre, edgy US punk likes of Alkaline Trio” – – ASHESTOANGELS – “With Tape And Needles” – “Bristol goth punk outfit producing gloom-soaked tones, spiked and studded mini-anthems for the disenfranchised” – – THIRTYSEVEN – “This Is What I Want” – … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?