Expire touring North America

Bridge Nine’s latest addition, EXPIRE, are excited to hit the road in North America next week in support of their forthcoming album, Pendulum Swings.

Expire + Fire & Ice – Dynamo Eindhoven

Op zaterdag 22 september kunnen we weer los in Eindhoven met de US bands Expire (Bridge Nine) en Fire & Ice (Reaper Records). Beide outfits hebben dit jaar een nieuwe plaat gereleased, respectievelijk ‘Pendulum Swings’ en ‘Not of this earth’. Check t! http://www.facebook.com/events/415328968504252/

Reply To: Leeway – Born to Expire pressing info

Can’t help you sorry, usually I check the database on http://www.howsyouredge.com/swap. There are at least two persons with a promo copy in that database, you might want to ask them. I can tell you though that one regular copy of the vinyl is in my room 😉

Reply To: Leeway – Born to Expire pressing info

Judging by this: http://www.popsike.com/php/quicksearch.php?searchtext=leeway+born&x=0&y=0 There are apparently – test presses – white label promo copies – copies with a blue insert No clue on how many of each though.