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Fashion Week – Prêt-à-Porter

Fashion Week is a new band on Solar Flare so it’s no news they play a mix of Noise Rock, Grunge and Hardcore on their first full album.

Fashion Week release first album

NYC Noise Rock power trio FASHION WEEK just released their first album “Prêt-à-Porter” through french label Solar Flare Records.

René Natzel

Pim finally had a lenghty chat with René about World Collapse, True Blue, hardcore, life and ninja’s.

Outspoken – The Current ( record of the week)

Let’s go for [b]Ouspoken’s [/b]week. 90 Hardcore veterans. You can read about it here: [img][/img]

Reply To: Record of the week

Let’s start a new week with Milwaukee’s [b]FocusedxMinds[/b], straight edge band ala Minority Unit / Rotting Out. You can read about it here: [img][/img]

Deadverse – Caution To The Wind ( record of the week)

This week we’ll talk about an amazing early emo hardcore / punk rock / indie Swiss band :[b]Deadverse[/b] Read about them here : [url][/url] [img][/img]

Staffan Snitting

A chat with Staffan Snitting. Talking about life, his bands, straight edge, zines and euh… So You Think You Can Dance and Glee…

Reply To: Record of the week

This week we’re dealing with Cleveland Holy Terror veterans : [b]Ringworm[/b]. Read about them here : [url][/url] [img][/img]