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After hearing Mojot Pekol for the first time I knew it was time to ask a couple of questions to Fonija. Who’s behind this punk-surpise of the year?

Fonija – …Bez ime

Fonija’s took a next step in their ongoing development. …Bez ime shows a change in sound and it’s for the good. The band sounds refreshed.

Fonija – Mojot Pekol

Listening to Mojot Pekol, the new Fonija album is a bit dangerous as it’s addictively good.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

New stuff ready to go: – FONIJA – “Mojot pekol” – – digital copy – PJARO – “Goodnight Sweet Prince” – “draws disparate influences ranging from the meditative minimalism of Lungfish to the intensity of Iron Lung’s power violence” – digital copy – THE FALL FROM GRACE – “The Colours Of Change” – … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Lots of crazy stuff in that last update! I’d like to do: FONIJA – “Mojot pekol” – – digital copy BEAST – “Dead Or Alive” (Gaphals Records) – – digital copy METALLEG – “Hit Of The Week” – gutter pop – – digital copy SWEATSHOP BOYS – “The Great Depression” – garage … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

You’ve all got messages 😉 And here’s some new stuff: [b]New stuff[/b] – IRRATIONAL ACT EP – hardcore skate punk – – actual / digital copy – FONIJA / CULTURE DEVELOPMENT – “Magla” split – digital copy – VALES – “Wilt & Rise” (6131 / FITA Records) – FFO: Touché Amoré, Pianos Become The … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

[b]Best releases[/b] 1. Neighborhood Brats – Recovery 2. The Number Ones – The number ones 3. Hurula – Vi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För 4. Protestant – In thy name 5. Crows – Better of dead 6. Trophies – There will be no light 7. FJØRT – D’accord 8. Svffer – The lies … Continue reading

2014 according to SWNK

2014 is about over so.. IT’S TIME! TIME TO UNDERST…. look back again… Like every year 🙂

Reply To: playlist

swan dive – fly toward the sun painted wolves – s/t fonija – mojot pekol

Sounds good. Haven’t heard that many new EP’s I guess, as this is what I can come up with… My favorite albums of 2015 1. Calabrese – Lust for sacrilige 2. Fonija – …bez ime 3. Terrible Feelings – Tremors 4. Noah Gundersen – Carry the ghost 5. Beaten To Death – Unplugged 6. Svffer … Continue reading

Reply To: Yearlists 2013

in progress: [b]best albums[/b] 1. John Moreland – In the throes 2. Fonija – Mojot pekol 3. Calabrese – Born with a scorpions touch 4. Regimen – s/t 5. Pine Barrens – Kingmaker 6. Shevils – Lost in tartarus 7. Doomriders – Grande blood 8. Hollis Brown – Ride on the train 9. Daylight – … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists 2013

2013 according to SWNK

2013 is almost over, time to look back before we all dive feet first into the new year.

Reply To: In the works

I contacted sixtynine records to order that Fonija album. And as Gaphals is still not responding to the questions I’ve sent them I decided to ask sixtynine records if they would be interested in an interview. And they are. Will work on that somewhere soon. The guy also asked me to review a record from … Continue reading Reply To: In the works