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Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – s/t

This 8 song record, written and recorded by former Nakatomi Plaza frontman Oscar Albis Rodriguez, takes listeners on a trip while not straying to far from a familiar indie-punk sound.

Ghost Mice + Lawine

GHOST MICE is a first wave FOLK-PUNK band from Bloomington Indiana and Paris France. We are Chris Clavin (Guitar), Hannah (violin) and Pascaloo (Various). no gods, no managers. LAWINE is a second wave Anarcho-Screamo Punk band from Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Arnhem. Featuring members of Landverraad, Sloth and Antillectual. First LP is out, first … Continue reading Ghost Mice + Lawine

Reply To: Nieuwe aanwinsten

Vinyl: PJ Bond/Brian Bond “Brother Bones/Baby Bones” split LP Diamond “Don’t Lose Your Cool” 12″ EP Grey Area/Luther/The Copyrights/The Reveling split 12″ No Motiv “Winterlong” split 12″ Homelife “Translation” LP The Sun The Moon The Stars “Mind Reader” 12″ EP Ghost Thrower “10 Songs” LP Carry The Torch – A Tribute to Kid Dynamite 2xLP … Continue reading Reply To: Nieuwe aanwinsten

Reply To: Movies / TV shows part II

An American Ghost Story. Amateur hour with a Ethan Hawke lookalike constantly trying to reason with a ghost thats taking it’s good time to try to kill him while opening cabinet doors and moving around teddybears. A ghost walking around wearing…a bed sheet. I shit you not. Some very effective jump scares though…

2015 according to SWNK

2015 is over. Browse through our yearlists and be ready to discover some great albums…