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12″/lp Haggatha s/t 7″ Haggatha s/t 12″/lp Mio Jedes Wort Ein Luge 12″/lp Whitehorse / Batillus split 7″ BATILLUS/MUTILATION RITES – CAST/GOLIATH Yay voor nieuwe Batillus nr’s!

No Gods, No Masters – Demo

Space domination is bit out of No Gods, No Masters’ league, but this splendid demo EP should garner some attention for this new Dutch sludge band

Graanrepubliek News; Pine Barrens / Grinding halt split out now!!

The Grinding Halt / Pine Barrens split 7″ is out now!! Blistering hardcore metal fury on both sides there… order and listen [url=]here[/url] . All pre orders will be shipped in the next two days and the other participating labels (Superfi, IFB, Rope or Guillotine, Shove) and bands should all get their copies in the … Continue reading Graanrepubliek News; Pine Barrens / Grinding halt split out now!!

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second session today: killtraitors – st The control – sidearm Inherit – st Connections – Can we escape Drowning nation – year of the rat Gascoigne – epidemic Haggatha – III Omission – ep Red reaction – st Rhythm to the madness – soul doubt

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working at home this afternoon: white lung – sorry primitive man – scorn ortega – the serpent stirs haggatha – IV amber – lovesaken ensorcelor/moloch – split iron lung – white glove test