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Freddy Alva

Pim had a talk with Freddy Alva about growing up in NYC, acupuncture, favorite shows, Last Cause, Wardance Records and of course, the New Breed compilation.

Newmoon – Invitation To Hold

Haunting melodies, lots of layer and enough variety in between songs to speak of one of the most surprising and best ep’s to come out of Europe this year.

Wolves At Bay release new record

Only A Mirror – the debut full-length from Hamden, CT’s Wolves At Bay – was officially released this week (11/15) on Animal Style Records.

Ché Snelting

Looking back on his time with Born From Pain, his youth and the future. A long conversation about his life.

Purgatory Records

If you aren’t aware of Purgatory Records at the moment the chances are you haven’t been paying attention to the UK scene at the moment.

This Routine Is Hell

Singer Noam talks about the struggle of creating Repent. Repeat, the ideas behind the record, the new found urgency and the recording plans with Kurt Ballou.