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Hot Water Music – Exister

The band hasn’t changed their sound radically, Exister isn’t Metallica’s Lulu if that’s what you feared.

Hot Water Music – Live In Chicago

The last couple of times I’ve seen the band on stage was really hit or miss. Fortunately they were in less alcoholic spirit when they played Chicago.

Shouting Street Audio Cassettes

Christer Davidsson from Shouting Street Audio Cassettes spoke to us about his label that has released cassettes from the Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music.

Lewis Dimmick

After reading Lewis Dimmick’s – “This Music” Pim was curious about the man who wrote it. So he send him some questions.

Make Do And Mend

Drummer Matt Carroll talks about The Wave, walking dogs and Carry On’s ‘A Life Less Plagued’.

Sparrow Falls

Sparrow Falls tell us all about their acoustic tours, ARC and answer a couple of silly questions.

Meet the SWNK crew: Jonas

Now and then we put a message out that we’re looking for contributers. This guy, Jonas, from Sweden answered our call. Time to meet The Invisible Guy.