Crawlspace just released a brand new album called “Carved into flesh”. Reason enough for Dennis to meet up with Jurgen (guitar) and Def (bass).

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I’ve finished three books last week: [url=]The Fry Chronicles[/url], an autobiography of about 8 years out of the life of Stephen Fry. Since I really like his dry witted writing (and speaking) style, I had a lot of fun with the book (even though there was a bit too much of that “I worked with … Continue reading Reply To: Books

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[img][/img] I guess this wasn’t the announcement you were hoping for. But we have decided we can no longer exist as a band and to go on an indefinite hiatus. We will say goodbye on September 15, 2012 on this year’s Ziggypop. All our other shows will go on as planned. And if you want … Continue reading Reply To: Accept The Change

Lifes / Suffering Mind ‎– Split 7″ Sick of Stupidity – One Shot, One Kill 10″ Cease To Exist / Armour Of Contempt – Split tape Doubled Over ‎– Doubled Over tape Burn the Iris – Ionosphere


BECOME is from Santa Barbara, CA, home of Ebullition Records. These guys love to express themselves. Read for yourself.

Soul Power

Soul Power, a fairly new groovy metallic hardcore band from the Netherlands.

Lots of demo tapes for sale Draw Blank Blood Red Death Pact Common Cause Calloused Abusive Action Padded Cell Sixes DEA One Up Seeker Obtruders Nothing Left Ripped To Shreds More upcoming incl. Nothing Done A Step Apart Bowel Grace Heil Ash Borer Starve Dead Weight Dead Black Cease To Exist Manipulation

CDs for sale

CDs for sale 3cds for 9euro 8 voor 20euro Excluding shippingcost Email me: roelandvangorp AT gmail DOT com 10 Seconds Down – just swallow 324 – rebelgrind 454 Big Block – your jesus (boekje waterschade) A Day In Black & White / Black Castle – split (gevouwen inlay) Abc Diabolo – last intoxication of senses … Continue reading CDs for sale