Ignite @ Dynamo, Eindhoven

Eight years after ‘Darker Days’, Ignite still knows how to put up a great show. The studio is where they should be though.

Blood Days

Dennis had a chat with Joe D Foster about his latest band: Blood Days.

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During the past few days: Where Fear And Weapons Meet – The Weapon Where Fear And Weapons Meet – St Ignite – Our Darkest Days Ignite – A Place Called Home Ignite – Past Our Means Kid Dynamite – Shorter Faster Louder Sinners & Saints – The Sky Is Falling Stretch Arm Strong – Rituals … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

Devil Side festival 2012 in Germany

The DEVIL SIDE FESTIVAL 2012 takes place from 20 july to 22 july with headlining bands like HATEBREED, IGNITE, BIOHAZARD, SUICIDAL TENDENCIE and EVERLAST.

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Yellowcard – Southern Air CD Tony Sly/Joey Cape – Acoustic Vol. 2 CD Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed LP Unity – You Are One 7″ Ignite/Good Riddance – Split 7″ Ignite – Where They Talk 7″

Thanks! it took me almost 15 years to get my collection (i still have about 200 cd’s) but now i am trying to get them all on vinyl which is an even greater challenge.. Still sold some more so the list below is all that i have left for sale. regards Roy Agents of man … Continue reading