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ILLS – Mark of Man 7”

I don’t hear about Finnish Hardcore bands too often, but when it happens it rarely disappoints. […] this EP shows a band with undeniable songwriting skills!

Scandinavian new breed

An interview with the Scandinavian new breed of hardcore. Guilty from Sweden and Upright & Foreseen from Finland.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Great! I’ll tell them you’ll be doing Ills. Wanna do the Lighthouse Project LP as well? Got a link for you, but I can tell them to send the LP to you if you want. Let me know!

First of all: best wishes to everyone! Second of all: new stuff to listen for all you lads! Enjoy and let me know if there’s something you need to review! Iamdisease – Praznina – metallic hardcore – – digital Calf – Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy – noise/post-rock – – … Continue reading

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Well I’m gonna see Michelle next week and I’ll pick up the record at the React! merch table, it’s gonna take even longer if they have to send it to me. You can ask them for the files and I’ll try to do with it. I gotta post the Ills review by the way…

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

I send out shitload of emails to labels yesterday, so we might get more requests (or not haha). So no takers for Lighthouse Project and / or Ills? I probably need to get more people aboard then 🙂

NEW RELEASE: BARGE "No Gain E.P. 7" Out Now! / Webstore Update (New Culo LP!)

GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS / MAILORDER LABEL AND WEBSTORE UPDATE / 04.05.2013 – NEW RELEASE: BARGE “No Gain E.P.” 7″ Out Now on VINYL CONFLICT RECORD LABEL! – BIG EYES, THE SHIRKS, and KREMLIN Tours this Month! – WEBSTORE UPDATE: New CULO, PISSED JEANS, RIVAL MOB, and More! The first release on the new and improved … Continue reading NEW RELEASE: BARGE "No Gain E.P. 7" Out Now! / Webstore Update (New Culo LP!)