Incendiary – Unrestrained split.

This split seven inch is a nice take on 2 entirely different sounds of yesteryear, but sounds for all the world like it might have been recorded in a dingy studio prior to the turn of the Millenium.

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Placebo – Meds (this band truly is my guilty pleasure and this by far their best record if you ask me) Make Do And Mend – Bodies of Water Wasted Bullet – Light Below Sunrise More Than A Thousand – Make Friends And Enemies Incendiary/Unrestrained Split e.p. Incendiary/Suburban Scum Split e.p. Incendiary – Crusade Incendiary … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

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And just because it rules (well, for me personally anyway), here’s Incendiary playing my hometown Roosendaal in my fav bar on my best mate’s birthday. Almost their full set (starts of with Witness The Fall doing a Skycamefalling cover en Incendiary covering Hatebreed en ending with the Beasty Boys cover). Awesome stuff. [youtube][/youtube]

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[quote=Just Killing Time]Iโ€™m still in touch with some of the guys from Incendiary. Theyโ€™re writing a new album now and will start recording within 2 months. Maybe a cool idea to do an interview before they record insted of after. A bit of a different angle. What are their ideas going in, what do they … Continue reading Reply To: In the works