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Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

“- Kill The Curse – Of Conformity And Death (FFO Terror, Merauder and Earth Crisis) (Full House Records) – If anyone from the Netherlands want it I can send the CD, otherwise I can make a rip of the CD I’ve got. – Maurice? – The Prestige – Black Mouths ( – If anyone from … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Reply To: In the works

Here’s an overview of the upcoming week: MONDAY – Break Character interview by Rold TUESDAY – Kill The Curse review by Maurice WEDNESDAY – The 101’s interview by Pim THURSDAY – The Prestige review by Maurice FRIDAY – Cheating Death #1 & #2 review by Pim SATURDAY – Beware review by Rold SUNDAY – Kehlvin … Continue reading Reply To: In the works