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USELESS DISTRIBUTION Useless Distribution is an online shop of hardcore, metal, … music. We distribute, wholesale, …. everything that can serve music cuz music is our passion. Thank you for support NEWS OCTOBER NEW IN STOCK Touche Amore “Parting the sea between brightness and me” LP NOFX “Hardcore” 10″ Nine Eleven “City of quartz” … Continue reading Useless Distribution

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YO ! Big update on STRAIGHT & ALERT’s website with more than [b]180 second hand / rare records[/b] added. You can find some : [b]Cro Mags, Boston Strangler, No Tolerance, Terror, Death Before Dishonor, Anthrax, Give, Token Entry, NJ Bloodline, DR Know, Pulling Teeth[/b] and many more ! Here is the complete list: [b][url][/url][/b] We … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

Hardcore 2012 – A rallying cry

I couldn’t care if X band playing next week aren’t as good as Y band you saw 10 years ago in some grotty upstairs pub room…


Crawlspace just released a brand new album called “Carved into flesh”. Reason enough for Dennis to meet up with Jurgen (guitar) and Def (bass).