Nirvana were punkrock

While Nirvana had plenty of punk songs, attitude wise they were definitely more punkrock than your average punk / hardcore band.

2015 according to SWNK

2015 is over. Browse through our yearlists and be ready to discover some great albums…

[b]Releases (in no particular order)[/b] Beach Slang – The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us Kurt Cobain – Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings Into Another – Omens Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling Muse – Drones (mainly in here because of that Psycho song) [b]Best show[/b] Off With Their Heads @ Winstom, … Continue reading

Basement – colourmeinkindness

Basement unleashes their swan song onto the world and hearing it we know a good band is lost to us but a new day brings a new sound.

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A Heavy metal star who collects macabre things… Sounds like Kurt Cobain to me 😉

Mixtape #8

Can you feel it? Almost weekend. Here’s some songs to pass the time with.