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02/06/2012 Together(DE), Lasting Traces(DE), Accept The Change(BE) +1, de Peppel

Intimate hardcorepunkshow with Together (DE), Lasting Traces (DE), Accept The Change (BE) and Make It Last @ de Peppel, Zeist Damage: 5 euro Door open: 20:30 Starting: 21:00 Last bus to Utrecht (bus 50, 00:34) from Van Renesselaan Last bus to Amersfoort (bus 56, 0:11) from Weeshuislaan Round half past 3 another possibility: Nightliners (450,452) … Continue reading 02/06/2012 Together(DE), Lasting Traces(DE), Accept The Change(BE) +1, de Peppel

Mainstrike – Impression

I wasn’t around when Mainstrike was big but “Impression” does a great job at taking you back to those days.


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Downtown Struts – Victoria!

I wouldn’t say Victoria! is a dull record, it’s great as background music but there’s nothing memorable going on.

Leviathan Fest

The answers to pressing questions about Verse, Rise And Fall and Ritual could only be answered at the beach in Knokke, Belgium.

Dead Hearts reunion / benefit show

Dead Hearts will be playing a reunion / benefit show for the Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation, a skate park being erected in Alix Rice’s name.

Meet the SWNK crew: Rold

One of the people who’s keeping this site alive with lots of content is Arold (Rold). Time to have a chat with this Dutch guy, to see what makes him tick.

Reviews – Any takers?

Ok, got 3 (maybe 4, if you count the double one as 2 hehe) review requests already. Any takers for these: [b]Lasting Traces[/b] – Germany (I’ve got a link with MP3, lyrics and the cover artwork for you) Sounds pretty good to me. And the double one: [b]Lighthouse Project[/b] – Finland I’ve got … Continue reading Reviews – Any takers?