Loma Prieta joins Deathwish Records

For the band’s Deathwish debut, Loma Prieta worked with Jack Shirley (Atomic Garden Studio) again to tape 12 intensely emotional songs.

25/06/2012 Flood Floorshow w/ LOMA PRIETA

[img]http://i44.tinypic.com/bdulac.png[/img] Flood Floorshow 25th of June – JH Zenith [b]Loma Prieta[/b] (US – https://www.facebook.com/pages/LOMA-PRIETA/69571119156) Recently signed to Deathwish, which makes them labelmates of Touché Amoré and Rise And Fall. LOMA PRIETA plays hard, fast and loud with melodic intermezzo’s and screamo influences. [b]Countdown[/b] (BE – https://www.facebook.com/countdownhc) Belgian band that toured the craziest countries, DIY style. … Continue reading 25/06/2012 Flood Floorshow w/ LOMA PRIETA

Loma Prieta – Self Portrait

The balance could have been better but Self Portrait is a refreshing step into Loma Prieta’s career, added melody and dream hooks are pretty welcome.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Stuff added: – Mörse – s/t EP (Eastrain Records) – Did a 5 days tour with Loma Prieta – http://morsereigns.bandcamp.com/ – heavy rocking hardcore, yet pretty catchy at times – digital copy available – Kids Insane – All Over debut album – Tel Aviv hardcore (Third Time Lucky Records) – http://kidsinsane.bandcamp.com/ – rocking hardcore, doesn’t … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

can’t keep up with our inbox lately. My apologies for that. I’ve got another 125 mails to go, but no time to do it now. Here’s a couple of promo’s that reached us last week. Will look into the rest of our mail soon(ish) Rotten Mind – I’m alone, even when with you – punk … Continue reading