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Loma Prieta joins Deathwish Records

For the band’s Deathwish debut, Loma Prieta worked with Jack Shirley (Atomic Garden Studio) again to tape 12 intensely emotional songs.

25/06/2012 Flood Floorshow w/ LOMA PRIETA

[img][/img] Flood Floorshow 25th of June – JH Zenith [b]Loma Prieta[/b] (US – Recently signed to Deathwish, which makes them labelmates of Touché Amoré and Rise And Fall. LOMA PRIETA plays hard, fast and loud with melodic intermezzo’s and screamo influences. [b]Countdown[/b] (BE – Belgian band that toured the craziest countries, DIY style. … Continue reading 25/06/2012 Flood Floorshow w/ LOMA PRIETA

Loma Prieta – Self Portrait

The balance could have been better but Self Portrait is a refreshing step into Loma Prieta’s career, added melody and dream hooks are pretty welcome.

can’t keep up with our inbox lately. My apologies for that. I’ve got another 125 mails to go, but no time to do it now. Here’s a couple of promo’s that reached us last week. Will look into the rest of our mail soon(ish) Rotten Mind – I’m alone, even when with you – punk … Continue reading