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Madball questions

So apparently, I’m interviewing Madball on the 28th when they play Baroeg. I expect to do a lot of banter about being old, the hardcore scene (not) sucking these days and kids standing with their arm crossed and a puzzled look on their faces whenever a Madball cover is played, but question suggestions are very … Continue reading Madball questions

Rebellion tour, Madball, H2O etc, 7 maart, Metropool Hengelo

woensdag 7 Maart; 20,- deur, 16,- voorverkoop tickets rechtstreeks: ENIGE NEDERLANDSE SHOW, EERSTE SHOW VAN DE TOUR. Rebellion tour featuring: Madball NYC H2O Deez Nuts First Blood Devil in Me Strength Approach

Reply To: Madball questions

How do they feel about their “tough guy” image? Do they like that or, or don’t care about it? There’s life besides hardcore, or not? What does that mean for them? What do they do? Or just start asking them what they want to talk about. Ask em about the Goudvishal fest “we want to … Continue reading Reply To: Madball questions

Reply To: Madball questions

For the non musician fans, can you describe the feeling being not just in such a worlwide important band but also being part of such a ‘family’ as the nyhc scene. Something like this 🙂

Reply To: Madball questions

I was planning to ask if DMS still means anything and what it stands for these days. Could broaden that to the general NYHC moniker. Do they still feel connected to that? Is there still a NYHC movement according to them.

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Ask em how they keep things interesting for themselves, they’ve been around for ages. Been there, done that. How do they keep themselves motivated? Ask em what they would ask a band / artist when they would get the chance to interview someone. Ask em what’s left on their to-do list. What they still want … Continue reading Reply To: Madball questions

All Seemed Lost – s/t

All Seemed Lost are the band that made me relisten to Madball’s Set It Off for the first time in well over ten years.

Scandinavian new breed

An interview with the Scandinavian new breed of hardcore. Guilty from Sweden and Upright & Foreseen from Finland.