Mainstrike – Impression

I wasn’t around when Mainstrike was big but “Impression” does a great job at taking you back to those days.

Emiel Laurant

Emiel played the guitar in Reaching Forward, Downslide, Razor Crusade and No Turning Back amongst others.


Voor foto’s: pm Dit is een klein gedeelte van mijn collectie. 7″ / demotapes en shirts volgen nog! SPREAD THE WORD Abusive Action Abusive Action Pre-release edition 124/150 Black Agnostic Front Cause For Alarm Rough Justice 1986 (1st press) Black Amen Ra Mass IIII Blindfolded Black Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill Black Beastie Boys Ill … Continue reading Recordsale

Korneel Evers

Who played in a movie with Rutger Hauer, played Fluff Fest with his band and appeared on Dutch TV a bunch of times?

Giveaway – I want your feedback

I’m in a giving mood today. I’m giving away some stuff if YOU let me know what YOU want to see on this site. There’s a bonus price too. Oh the joy!

Sex Drive – Urban Predator

It’s great to see that people still care enough about hardcore to start up a new band and write some fist pumping tracks even when some of them have been around the block for a long time.

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Night Birds – Maimed For The Masses Mainstrike – No Passing Phase Eyeball – Talkin Straight AFI – Decemberunderground Depeche Mode – Delta Machine Bruce Springsteen – The Rising Sharks – Selfhood Morrissey – Ringleader Of The Tormenters

Double Vision – Cold Comfort

This Polish band sounds like a band on Teamwork records and would have fit easily on the Growing Stronger compilation between Atari and Pushed Too Far.

Reaching Forward demo

Listen to the demo while Harm (bass) talks about it. This is where it all started. Featuring Cay on vocals.