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[img][/img] ↯ ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES (FR) Emo Hardcore power-trio from Strasbourg France, with members of Contwig, Oak and the Boring. ↯ murderofcrows (SWE) Dark hardcore with punk and doom influences from Gothenburg. New album out in December. ↯ Røst (AT) Four-piece group from Vienna. Old school hardcore mixed … Continue reading 29/12 – ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES (FR)/ MURDEROFCROWS (SWE)/ ROST (AU) @ ACU, UTRECHT

Guido of Good Intentions HC

When Guido mentioned doing a new project, called “Good Intentions HC” Pim was curious to see what that was all about…

Huata / Bitcho – Split LP

Huata and Bitcho came from outer space to deliver us doom! In audio form, so we should be able to cope…

Fucked Up – Glass Boys

They’re above and beyond any other band currently operating in or close to the hardcore and punk scene and I love them for it.

We Ride

Jonas interviewed the Spanish band about their city, touring, the new album, what they think about hardcore and much more!

Groezrock 2014

So did you guys went to Groezrock this year? My highlights: ++++ Cro-Mags: a lot of energy, great show. Just too bad they only play Age of Quarrel and not a few songs from Alpha Omega, but hey, I listen to this album at least every month so… +++ Judge: A bit like Floorpunch. Not … Continue reading Groezrock 2014

Rob Nabbe

Nabbe the Bastard played in Insult, Skullhog, Bile, Hot ‘n Steamy Monkeylove and probably a bunch of other bands with even wilder names.

Sonance – Blackflower

Sonance is a heavy outfit from the UK combining Postrock, Post-hardcore & Doom Metal. On the new album songs are created as a painter creates his paintings.