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Reply To: New bands

King Nine New band from NYC, combining groovy NYHC with 90’s stuff like Stife and Snapcase and heavy breakdowns. 2011 Demo: Facebook: Here’s a video for their first show ever, this month with Bane, Naysayer, Backtrack and Incendiary. [youtube][/youtube] This band still has some growing to do, not as tight yet as it … Continue reading Reply To: New bands

Reply To: Ieperfest 2012

I like the timetable this year! Lots of good band behind eachother. Saturday night should be epic with TUI, Scarps, Unearth, Nasum, tBDM, Eyehategod, Ignite, Pig Destroyer and Sick of it All in one line! Friday: 23h10 – 0h00 AGNOSTIC FRONT 22h20 – 23h10 CONGRESS 21h30 – 22h20 FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND 20h50 – 21h30 … Continue reading Reply To: Ieperfest 2012

Straight & Alert January BIG SALES

Yo ! Straight & Alert is beginning its big sale for 2 weeks and it starts today ! LP, 7″, Fanzines, CD… more than [b]200 products on sale[/b] ! Find them HERE >>> [b][url][/url][/b] You can find records from : Blacklisted, 50 Lions, Abusive Action, Adrenalin OD, Alpha & Omega, Anthrax, Blind To Faith, Born … Continue reading Straight & Alert January BIG SALES

Reply To: New bands

Yeah, as well as Rotting Out, Naysayer and Dead End Path. But TT will still tour, right? It’s strange how they all have personal and financial problems at the same time 😉

Steel Nation Scandinavian Tour

[i]Grabbed this from [url=]Hardboiled Zine[/url], since there might be a few Scandinavians here[/i] Official info: Steel Nation is without question one of the most unique, polished, and destructive hardcore bands to emerge from the great state of Pennsylvania in recent memory. Steel Nation has managed to forge their own sound in an age of carbon … Continue reading Steel Nation Scandinavian Tour

Straight & Alert distro – November 2011

[b][url][/url][/b] [b]New Products[/b] [b][url][/url][/b] [u][b]LP[/b][/u] Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight La Dispute – Wildlife [2ble LP] Black Breath – Heavy Breathing Strife – One Truth Terror – Lowest Of The Low Naysayer – Laid To Rest Warzone – Old School To New School Bad Religion – How The Hell Could It Be Any … Continue reading Straight & Alert distro – November 2011

Mind Rot Records

Mind Rot Records was created by two brother with a DIY mentality and a desire to help some friends and put out records.

Reply To: Yearlists anyone?

First Message here, so here is what comes from my lastfm account if I just keep the 2011 releases: LPs: Rot In Hell – As Pearls Before Swine Naysayer – Laid to Rest Pulling Teeth – Funerary Action Bronson – Dr. Lecter Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight Nessbeal – Sélection naturelle Get the … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists anyone?

Looking back with Icepick

A couple of days ago Icepick’s – No Forgiveness demo session ‘leaked’ in our forums. A good time to look back on Icepick with drummer Alfons.