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Planks – Perished Bodies

This last album is the final goodbye to this world and closes the trilogy after The Darkest of Grays and Funeral Mouth.


BECOME is from Santa Barbara, CA, home of Ebullition Records. These guys love to express themselves. Read for yourself.

Griever – Our Love is Different 12″ Svffer ‎– Lies We Live 12″ WarHorse – The Priestess 12″ On Bodies – Planet Hospice Rosetta – Quintessential Ephemera

For those siked for the Culture reunion show at Ieperfest…

…here’s a video of the release show (!) of Damien Moyal’s current band On Bodies. [youtube][/youtube] I sure hope his performance with Culture will be a little bit more inspired than this. Man this looks lame…

Krieg/Wolvhammer ‎– Split 7″ Slomatics / Holly Hunt ‎– Ulysses, My Father Bill Ward 7″ Laster – De Verste Verte Is Hier tape Sovereign – Nailing Shut the Sacrosanct Orifice tape Malthusian – Below The Hengiform On Bodies ‎– Unremarkably Mortal + The Long Con

Planks – Perished Bodies LP Saffronkeira + Mario Massa – Cause and Effect Cd Floex – Zorya Cd Greg Haines – 2006-2012 3xCd Greg Haines – Where We Were Cd Sebastian Plano – Arrhythmical Part of Hearts Cd

Holy Roar Records

Josh talked to Alex of Holy Roar, about the history of the label, difficulties he has encountered and odd formats among other things.

Loma Prieta joins Deathwish Records

For the band’s Deathwish debut, Loma Prieta worked with Jack Shirley (Atomic Garden Studio) again to tape 12 intensely emotional songs.

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Unveil – A Flame With Nothing To Feed On

I expected Unveil’s new songs to be good, but I didn’t expect them to make a really great LP altogether. With such a debut LP, Unveil clearly has the potential to become one of the heavyweights of European hardcore.

Emptied our mailbox again today. What it tells me? Post rock and sludge are still going strong… Take your pick: Sheer – Uneasy – shoe-gaze – – digital Overcharger – All that we’ve had – southern sludge – – digital Slabdragger – Rise of the dawncrusher – cosmic doom stoner sludge – … Continue reading