Red City Radio (USA) + PEARS (punk/hc USA) w/ support

WE’RE MOVING BAAAACKWAAARDDSSSS… They are back and are recording a new album! + OWTH’s Ryan Young personally vouches for: PEARS (punkrock/hardcore) Tickets: € 10,- (excl. service charge) ***Red City Radio*** FFO: Off With Their Heads, The Menzingers, Nothington, Elway, Iron Chic, Banner Pilot Raucous, gruff-voiced sing-alongs that are as catchy as they are brash and … Continue reading Red City Radio (USA) + PEARS (punk/hc USA) w/ support

Pears – Go to Prison

This band has potential written all over them, go check it out. Also if you’re a hardcore fan, with the teeniest soft spot for punk, you will too love this album.

Up !!!! Added amongst others Pears and Crown of Thornz