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Anyone looking to sell: SECOND CHANCE “premium hardcore” cd PAYBACK “old school warriors” cd PAYBACK “ultraviolent” cd PAYBACK “introducing the payback crew” mcd Will pay good or trade some stuff for it hit me up

Reply To: Clients From Hell

Not necessarily a horror story, but amusing nonetheless. For one of my old employers, we built several sites for this one client. Yuppie, gelled up hair, fast cars, arrogant, cocky, you know the type. Kept calling with shit requests (he called one day to let us know that he had changed the name of one … Continue reading Reply To: Clients From Hell

Reply To: playlist

Length Of Time – Let The World With The Sun Go Down Fall City Fall – Victus Apologies, I Have None – London Apologies, I Have None – Two Sticks & Six Strings Knuckledust – Bluffs, Lies & Alibis Optimist – Demo MMXII Bring On The Bloodshed – Dark Clouds Price To Pay – Demo … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

I should have some Eurocore shirts in a box somewhere. All-out effort, payback, discipline size L though. I also have a Discipline beanie!

Big French – Downtown Runnin

Brooklyn weirdo’s Big French make an album that will keep you wondering what the hell they were using in that studio.