Pigeon Hunt / Cicutoxin – Split

Finland’s Pigeon Hunt once again is daring you with controversial lyrics and anxious screamo. On the flipside Sludge from country mates Cicutoxin.

Pigeon Hunt – s/t

Pigeon Hunt doesn’t give a shit and rages through their six songs of screamo violence.

cleaned up the mail today. Check it out… Oh, and I’m reviewing that Spirits EP of the previous list. RunningLate – Spectators – 90’s/early ’00 melodic punk – https://morningwoodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/spectators – digital Abstracter – Wound empire – blackened crust/doom – http://www.cvltnation.com/exclusive-cvlt-nation-streaming-abstracter-lightless/ – digital (something for you Maurice? I guess it’s right up your alley…) Below the … Continue reading

If you can fix the fysical one for this would be cool: Pigeon Hunt/Iron Boris – split – https://soundcloud.com/pigeon-hunt/pigeon-hunt-new-05-mix1 – digital/physical

Tomorrow We Hunt (CR) + TBA

Tomorrow We Hunt (Zagreb, Croatia) Melodic Hardcore http://www.facebook.com/TomorrowWeLovimo/app_178091127385 +TBA Damage: 3,- Doors: 20.00 http://www.facebook.com/events/196178847181541/

Bolt Thrower ‎– Live War 12″ Pigeon Hunt/ Cicutoxin ‎– Split 12″

upcoming jessica93 review + interview. Also pigeon hunt split 7 inch will be reviewed by me?

Pigeon Hunt/Iron Boris – Split 7″ Order Of The Ebon Hand / Akrotheism – Split tape Marduk – Here’s no Peace Krieg – Destruction Ritual Krieg – Rise Of The Imperial Hordes Krieg – The Church

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Owyeah and I get a 10 inch in the mail from this new finnish band for review: Pigeon Hunt. swingkids style. http://pigeonhunt.bandcamp.com/ I like it

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Interview with amalthea coming up. Questions are sent. Just received the Pigeon Hunt 7″, I already did the 10 inch for review so 7 inch will follow.

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New stuff ready to go: – SICK FIX – Vexed (A389 Recordings) – digital copy – THE GUILT OF…/FULL OF HELL Split (A389 Recordings) – digital copy – WOLF HUNT from Venice. Demotape (http://www.facebook.com/WOLFHUNTHC/app_2405167945 – Biohazard style?) – actual copy (As with everything if you want to receive an actual copy of the release but … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?


Dustin from Oregon’s punk band Abolitionist talks about concept records, The Road, water, slavery and more.

Dead To Me announce new record

Well known touring monsters Dead To Me have a new album coming out on Fat Wreck Chords. Bassplayer Chicken adds some details.

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New stuff ready to go: – Olde York CD (WTF Records) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f64sS90vq7I – actual copy – Discipline X (Finland) EP – crossover – http://www.facebook.com/disciplinexcrossover/app_178091127385 – actual copy – Indian School (ex Audio Karate) – The Cruelest Kind – digital copy – Mixtapes – How To Throw A Successful Party – digital copy – Raindance … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

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Take these off my hands people 😉 New stuff ready to go: – Alternative Tentacles: Jello Biafra’s new CD – digital / actual copy? No idea. – Alternative Tentacles: Dead Ending (feat. members of Rise Against and Alkaline Trio) – digital / actual copy? No idea. – The Insurgence – “Elimi-Nation” – http://theinsurgence.com/ – actual … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?