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Blood Days

Dennis had a chat with Joe D Foster about his latest band: Blood Days.

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Reply To: Blood For Blood

Blood for Blood, all their stuff is good (except for that last e.p., serenity i think? Did not like that that much) but Living In Exile and Outlaw Anthems are my personal favs. How cool was that show in Hilversum (if i’m correct) in 1997?

Blood For Blood

I was looking for a Blood For Blood topic here, but couldnt find any so here we go. What do you think is their fave record ? Mine is without a doubt Outlaw Anthems.

Reply To: Blood For Blood

B4B kicked Buddha out of the band. Check the official statement here:

Reply To: Blood For Blood

I don’t hope he’s gonna use BFB songs for Ramallah. I only like the early stuff of BFB, I can’t listen to Outlaw Anthems and newer stuff. Ramallah is the shit for me, both the first EP as the full length.

Reply To: Blood For Blood

I really like the Serenity EP, but find the rest of their catalogue just okay 😉 Really like their Ace of Spades cover too!

Reply To: Blood For Blood

I don’t know how I feel about Buddha being kicked out.. Of course, he was part of B4B. But still, when I saw the band on Ieper last year, the guy was constantly catching his breath, not being able to actually say/shout particular words, etc.. So, although I reckon that he is part of B4B, … Continue reading Reply To: Blood For Blood

Reply To: Blood For Blood

The Dead Boys cover they did is a bit nasty in hindsight… All this and more little girl, how about on the floor little girl… A teenage feelin’, rockin’ and a realin’ Now we’re doing alright You got a little girl eye and it’s unzipped my fly You feel so dead tonight 😯 😉 [youtube][/youtube]