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Rage Against The Machine – XX

Rage Against The Machine celebrates the 20th anniversary of their first album with this expanded edition, including their much sought-after 12 song demo from 1991.

Rage #3

Great tips on how to enter DA PIT and what shorts to wear for the best mosh results. Many columns too.

Bob Mould – See A Little Light: The Trail Of Rage And Melody

If you’re only interested in Hรผsker Dรผ I don’t think See A Little Light will meet all your expectations. However if you’re into that band and are pretty open to the search of an angry punkrocker which eventually leads to ordering a male escort for his 45th birthday, than this book will serve you well.

Plagued With Rage

In the review of the America’s Hardcore compilation [url][/url] I already hinted at the For The Sake Of Dedication compilation put out by Crucial Response Records. One of the bands on this compilation is Plagued With Rage. Not the best straight edge band ever but at the time a band I truly enjoyed. Part of … Continue reading Plagued With Rage

Rage! – The Zine #3 / ON SALE NOW!

The 3rd installment of Rage!’s annual zine is now online to order! All order will be posted out at the start of July

Rage! Hardcore

No fixed venue, apart from being on the UK’s South Coast

Pressure – Your Rage

Portugal’s Pressure seem to be influenced by Carry On, yet they lack the urgency that made A Life Less Plagued the record that it is.

Reply To: Plagued With Rage

Plagued With Rage still is a strange phenomenon to me. Even though I was never really into this kind of music, I still love that 7″. Including the breaking voice in the screamed “I won’t forget!” It’s one of those bands that make me want to make a transformation from someone who doesn’t drink into … Continue reading Reply To: Plagued With Rage

Reply To: Plagued With Rage

I really love that 7″, i had a car accident and i had to sell most of my records to cover the repair, and i could not sell that one. havent listen to it in a while but it still hits me everytime i listen to it.