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Rancid – Honor is all we know

On the longer term I think this record isn’t gonna stand a chance against the Rancid classics. But for a new record it’s more than a good shot!

H2O – Don’t Forget Your Roots

Don’t Forget Your Roots isn’t a record that will change the hardcore or punk scene. But it might be that one record that makes a younger generation check out bands like Embrace, Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds.

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New stuff ready to go: – V/A – Respect Your Roots Worldwide (Strenght Records) (Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, Terror, No Turning Back etc doing covers) – digital copy – Ferdy? – Dernier Combat – Turn A Blind Eye – hardcore punk, drawing influences from Anti-cimex as well as Poison Idea (Atlanta) … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

CD's te koop

De prijzen staan er achter. 5 CD’s van 5 euro halen , 4 betalen. Hardcore/punkrock Agnostic Front – Another Voice 5 American Nightmare – Year One 5 Another Breath – The God Complex 5 Blacklisted – We’re Unstoppable 5 Boysetsfire – The Misery Index: notes from the plague years promo 2 The Clash – London … Continue reading CD's te koop

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Rotting Out – The Wrong Way The Road Home – Too Cold Youth Of Today – We’re Not In This Alone Rancid – And Out Come The Wolves 108 – Threefoldmisery Only Crime – To The Nines Lifetime – Somewhere In The Swamps Mainstrike – A Quest For The Answers Anchor – Recovery Go It … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

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Faith No More – Epic Faith No More – Angel Dust No Use For A Name – Leche Con Carne No Use For A Name – Live In A Dive Rage Against The Machine – S/T The First Step – What We Know Rancid – And Out Come The Wolves The Gaslight Anthem – 59 … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

H2O on the Don’t Forget Your Roots record

H2O’s Adam Blake gives some inside information on the cover album: Choosing which bands to cover was pretty straight forward, choosing which songs was a little harder.

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Anyone here who wants to review this new release by Morning Wood Records? * 10 TO GO – ‘Back On Track’ (Skapunk/punk rock for fans of NOFX, Rancid and Sublime) Message me and I’ll give you a download code. Would be really rad!

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Lucero – Women & Work Rancid – Indestructible Count Me Out- 110 Count Me Out – Permanent Black Audio – s/t Editors – An End Has A Start New Order – Movement Down By Law – All Scratched Up Rise And Fall – Faith Hot Water Music – Exister Eyeball – More Days To Come … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

Sparrow Falls

Sparrow Falls tell us all about their acoustic tours, ARC and answer a couple of silly questions.

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Anchor – Recovery Give Up The Ghost – Year One Ryan Adams – 29 Panic – Dying For It Panic – s/t Panic – Circles Refused – Songs To Fan The Flame Of Discontent Johnny Cash – III Solitary Man The Real Danger – Making Enemies Rancid – Life Won’t Wait The Nerve Agents – … Continue reading Reply To: playlist