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Do It Yourself – Do a zine

Ever wondered how to do a zine yourself? Look no further. Here’s a bunch of tips from the pro’s. Join in and share your own tips.

Joseph Pugsy Casolaro

Social Decay are back and working on a new album, time to have a talk with singer Pugsy!

Doomriders – Grand Blood

Time will tell if Grand Blood, Doomriders third album, is as good as it’s predecessor. In the mean time: play it again!

Reply To: playlist

The Smiths – Meat Is Murder + Rank The Clash – London Calling Fucked Up – David Comes To Life Get The Most – Together Bruce Springsteen – The Promise Carry On – Roll With The Punches In My Eyes – Nothing To Hide

Reply To: Updates

Nab (Just Say Yo zine) will be joining the rank as well! So far that means we’ll have the following people on board: David (Detroit Punk) – USA Dries (Against The Haze) – BE Mike (Deal With It, Doghead) – UK Nab (Just Say Yo, A Bridge Too Many) – FR Nico (Sailin On, Asice) … Continue reading Reply To: Updates

FS test presses/rare editions: STRIFE, STRONGARM + other 90's hxc records

Please, write only to email [b]iwantrainbow АТ gmail DОТ com[/b] — I’m posting this info on a bunch of sites and it would be awesome to get all messages in one place. [b][url=]SOME STUFF IS ON DISCOGS ALREADY![/url][/b] Hi everyone! I’ve got my hands on a big record collection of 90’s hardcore this winter and … Continue reading FS test presses/rare editions: STRIFE, STRONGARM + other 90's hxc records

Anchor – Recovery

Sorry No Turning Back, Ritual and countless other European hardcore bands but this is the best European hardcore record of the year.