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Reka – Dvala

Reka returns with an one-sided LP which is a kind of experiment for the Post-Metal band. Two members from the Swedish band Amalthea joined the recording.

Reka / Black Everest – Split 7″

Two bands covering a track of the other band to celebrate their friendship. Two different heavy post metal and hardcore songs shared on one slab of vinyl.

Reka – Renaissance

In this niche of heavy music the Russians of Reka have definitely found their place. ‘Renaissance’ proves it!

18-09 Reka / Fire Walk With Us / Horsehound @ OCCII Am*dam

Some awesome metal/punk bands on an otherwise rather boring tuesday night! 20:30 – Doors 21:15 – Horsehound 22:00 – Fire Walk With Us 22:45 – Reka 6 eurodollars

I will review the new Reka EP and the new Red Apollo album.

Reka / Black Everest – Split 7″ Withers / Red Apollo – Split 7″ Withers / Mnmnts – Split 7″ Collapse under the Empire – Fragments of a Prayer 12″ In The Hearts Of Emperors – White Cities Are Breeding in Your Wound 12″ Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis 12″ Aderlating / Crown Of Bone‎– … Continue reading

Reka interview 801 reads. If 800 people have read the article that is great In what kind of sense are those numbers NOT exactly accurate?

Reply To: In the works

I am going to do an interview with the post metal band Reka from Russia. Will be interesting, will include questions about the situation in Russia, abouth the church, pussyriot, poetin etc.

On the way: Reka/Black Everest – Split 7″ review (done) Bloodlands CD (tonight) Ravage Ritual LP (end of this week/next week) Withers/MNMTS – Split 7″ (end of this week) New Heart of the Emperors LP (next week) Smith Street band (next week?)

If I have time I will check it. I had contact again with the moment of collapse guys. Agreed I am going to review Reka – New LP, Cohol/heaven in her arms split LP and another release I forgot.

White Lies – To Lose My Life… 6×7″ Reka ‎– Dvala 12″ These Mountains are Ghosts – Legacy of War 12″ Enslaved – In Times Harmonia & Eno ’76* ‎– Tracks And Traces Remixed Katatonia – Sanctitude Red Apollo ‎– Altruist