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We Ride

Jonas interviewed the Spanish band about their city, touring, the new album, what they think about hardcore and much more!

Backtrack, Risk It, A Strength Within @ Vleugel F, Leuven (Belgium)

Damage Bookings presents: Backtrack – Bridge Nine Records Risk It – Farewell Records A Strength Within – Perspective Records / CFR records Entrance fee: €10 before the first band, €13 after. Vleugel F – Brusselsestraat 61a, 3000 Leuven.

Light It Up – State Of Mind

Light It Up released a fierce piece of old shool hardcore with a raw sound in 2011 and it’s worth giving it a listen.

Staffan Snitting

A chat with Staffan Snitting. Talking about life, his bands, straight edge, zines and euh… So You Think You Can Dance and Glee…

Strife – Witness a Rebirth

‘Oh god, that negative guy that doesn’t even really like hardcore anymore is talking about how jaded and over it he is again.’

Hawser – Young & Restless

Hawser displays enough skill and sense of vibe on ‘Young & Restless’ to convince anyone how pissed of they are.

Reply To: New bands

Germany got a lot good hc bands around. to name a few. Coldburn Light It Up Look My Way Reflections Risk It! World Eater