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Samiam – Trips

It’s not often that a band comes back with a solid release after a few years of absence. But Trips is an exception to that rule.

New Samiam Album!!!

Check out the new Samiam album here: Sounds a little more poppy than the last one. Me Like! 🙂

2011 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2011 people. Before we’re entering 2012 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists.

Reply To: Yearlists

here’s mine: [u][b]EP[/b][/u] Give – [url=]everything they put out this year[/url] Mouth of Flowers – [url=]Emma Town 7″[/url] ( Remission – [url=]Winds of Promise 7″ [/url] Remission / Police & Thieves [url=]split 7″[/url] Praise – [url=]Two songs[/url] Rearranged – [url=]Rearranged 7”[/url] Supertouch – [url=]Lost My Way 7″[/url] [u][b]LP[/b][/u] Anchor – [url=]Recovery LP [/url] Between Earth … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists

Reply To: In the works

For the next couple of days: TODAY – Worshit review by Teun TODAY – Antillectual tourreport part I by Antillectual / Pim SATURDAY – Currahee review by Rold MONDAY – Razor Crusade post ? (maybe) by Pim TUESDAY – Accept The Change review by Rold WEDNESDAY – Dead End Stories review by Teun THURSDAY – … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

Police & Thieves – Fracturing 12″

Police & Thieves is one of the most underrated current U.S Hardcore bands. This record came out last year and it seems that it slipped under the radar for many people.

Knapsack to reunite for fall dates

Knapsack will reunite this fall to play their first shows since disbanding in early 1999. The dates mark the 15th anniversary of their final US tour.

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Eyeball – Talkin’ Straight Sense Field – Tonight and Forever Between Earth & Sky – Of Roots And Wings Good Riddance – Capricorn One Samiam – Whatever’s Got You Down 7 Seconds – Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over Calibre – Kill The Logo

So, it turns out I released some records on Morning Wood that haven’t been reviewed on SWNK yet. Anyone psyched for some punk rock? – Sidewalk (NL) – “Back To The Start” [EP] – punk rock/skatepunk ffo: Descendents, Good Riddance, Ten Foot Pole – 95-C (Fr) – “Homeward Bound” – melodic punk rock ffo: … Continue reading