Marco Abularach

When the first postings about The Icemen from Marco surfaced on the internet I kinda had my doubts. Turned out he’s a great guy!

René Natzel

Pim finally had a lenghty chat with René about World Collapse, True Blue, hardcore, life and ninja’s.

Watched a couple of movies this weekend: The Raid 2: part 1 was action all over. This part has more story. Not a bad thing per se, but not matching my expectations. Robocop: yup, a remake. Not bad, not too good either. I would have like more comment on drones. This movie doesn’t really take … Continue reading

Mixtape #1

With issue #1 I printed a mixtape. It got taken offline pretty quickly though ( went down), here it is again.

LESS SLOW MORE GO! recs distro

6x ULTIMATE BLOWUP st 7” (turkish powerviolence!!!!!!!!!,really good/underated record-KBD recs) 3,5 euro 1x VINGANCA st 7” brazilian fastcore ala discarga etc…(brasilian import) GOOOOD! 3,5 euro VA-thrash attack do brazil (BANDANOS,JUSTICIA,VINGANCA,SATANAIZ,NERDS ATTACK,B.U.S.H all playing a few songs 15 min. on a 7”! value for money 1 copy on green vinyl with RxDxPx rip off cover (pre-order … Continue reading LESS SLOW MORE GO! recs distro

Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)

What I picked up at yesterday’s This Is Europe II fest: Get It Done/Radical Noise split 7″ (pre-order cover) Nails – Obscure Humanity 7″ Anguish 7″ (old clevo hc) Last Dayz/Cornered split 7″ Deathbed – Reduced To Nothing 7″ V/A – Only The Strong 7″ (how many versions are there?!) Rot In Hell/Moloch split 7″ … Continue reading Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)

Jera on Air 2013

A great, heavy, dusty day in the sun with a mini-Groezrock vibe.


Yo, got these cd’s for sale!! get in touch! 25 ta life – Keepin’ it real 4 AM Program – Move on 4 AM Program – S/T AC/DC – Back in black Adicts, The – Songs of praise Agnostic front – Riot, riot upstart Animals, The – The best of Anti-Heros – 1000 nights of … Continue reading CD's SALE-KOOPJES-RABAT

Reply To: Designers Corner

Pretty cool! I think it would have looked even better (more authentic) if you didn’t use the drop shadow and aged the font a bit too. But then again, for a rush job it’s nice!

Pony Pack – Enough about you

A solid second album from Pony Pack. Let’s just hope we won’t have to wait six years for a third album. I want more of this!