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Shipwrecked – The Last Pagans

Shipwrecked is as conservative as hardcore can get, but it’s refreshing to hear a band that goes back to the roots and do it as well as these 4 last Pagans.

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yesterday and today nekromantheon: Rise, vulcan spectre no tolerance: no tolerance, no remorse obscura: illegimitation pallbearer: sorrow and extinction pharaoh: bury the light pick your side: survival prayer shipwrecked: shipwrecked wiccans: skullduggery thou: the archer and the owle thou: to the chaos wizard youth think twice: demo survival: demo stick together: no more games skin … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

2012 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2012 people. Before we’re entering 2013 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists again!

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[b]Releases top 15 (in no particular order)[/b] Animal Instinct – Unfinished Business LP Become demo tape Shipwrecked – The Last Pagans LP Nantes Resilience – s/t 7” Withers – s/t 7” Upright – Losing Touch 7” City Dweller – I Will Become Unique EP Down And Outs – Forgotten Streets LP Empowerment – Gegen.Kult LP … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists

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Mindset – Leave No Doubt OFF – OFF The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten Bad Brains – Into The Future Title Fight – Floral Green Bloc Party – Four Down And Outs – Forgotten Streets Forgetters – s/t No Tolerance – s/t Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball Shipwrecked – The Last Pagans The Boston Strangler – … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists?

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[b]Releases top 15 (in no particular order)[/b] Arms Race demo tape (DIY) Hired Goons demo tape II (DIY) Assault USA demo tape (Little Future) Kickback & Vomir split 7” (GSR) Vigilante – Quality of Life LP (Six Feet Under) Night Prowler – Psychopath tape (Bedside) Syndrome 81 demo tape (Backwash) Voltage – Ain’t Nothing 7” … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists 2013

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[quote=Pim][quote=Tiago]the rival mob – mob justice tape [/quote] That’s not really a list, is it? :)[/quote] ahah, you are right man, but that was probably my favourite thing released in 2012. hype’s aside. also on the list are: shipwrecked prisoner abuse creem wiccans boston strangler mindset

2013 according to SWNK

2013 is almost over, time to look back before we all dive feet first into the new year.

Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)

I decided to try and sell my t-shirts, as I could definitely use the space and money. It’s mostly hardcore. Some bootlegs, some low-value shirts, but also some (hopefully) highly sought after OGs (Chain, INSTED, GB, TFS). I’ll box whatever I don’t sell from September 2, so please email me your offers before then (cescowillemse/gmail). … Continue reading Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)