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Skip The Foreplay – Nightlife

I’m going to suggest you skip the foreplay, the actual act, the cuddling afterwards. Even better, skip the whole initial meeting.

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Skip the Foreplay – Nightlife Authority Zero – Stories of Survival Stretch Arm Strong – Rituals Pennywise – All or Nothing Battery – Until the End

Reply To: Yearlists?

In no particular order: Impending Doom – Baptized in Filth Gideon – Milestone All for Nothing – To Live & Die for As I Lay Dying – Awakened Madball – Rebellion EP No Turning Back – No Regrets Pennywise – All or Nothing The Ghost Inside – Get What you Give The Charm The Fury … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists?

Bad Brains

After receiving a package from Reflections today, filling some holes in my Bad Brains collection (amongst others) I remembered I downloaded a nice unreleased & live collection by the Bad Brains on Blogged & Quartered yesterday. Totally forgot about it. If you don’t know about that site yet, you will remember about it after this: … Continue reading Bad Brains

Ronald Boorsma

A lengthy talk with the man behind Not Just Words Records about politics, education, fireworks, hardcore. About life.

René Natzel

Pim finally had a lenghty chat with RenĂ© about World Collapse, True Blue, hardcore, life and ninja’s.

Not that into Game Of Thrones, so I’ll skip that one. Did anyone see Tusk (Kevin Smith’s latest)? Bizarre, really bizarre. Johnny Depp’s in it too, hated his part though.

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Did anyone play Remember Me? Some interesting parts, like altering someone’s memory to make an impact in the present etc. But nothing amazing. Stuff like area’s in the leveldesign you clearly should be able to walk through (behind crates etc) and you can’t. Invisible walls should be something of the past. Having to do a … Continue reading Reply To: Games

Bad Brains – Into The Future

I was pretty skeptical to say the least, but when “Into The Future” was put online, my skepticism slowly melted away…

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Played the Fifa 14 demo the other day. I bought Fifa 11, Fifa 12 & Fifa 13 (and played the ones before that). It looks and plays just fine again, but since Fifa 13 was so buggy and they’re using an older engine instead of using the new one PS3 etc are getting I’m going … Continue reading Reply To: Games

Whitehorse: I have all the songs already on EPs and splits. Also not really a link with hardcore. Dennis: I suggest go for it yourself, you will like it. Also I have too much in the pipeline so I skip this one.

# HARDCORE 2 zine

Son of a bitch. Let’s skip the “I wonder if he managed to do a good follow up to the first issue” stuff, because Daan nailed it. Again.